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FlowTimes – October 2013

Your Update on Flow, Temperature, Level, and Pressure Measurement from Flow Research

Executive Editor: Dr. Jesse Yoder; Volume 14, Number 3 - ISSN 1350-7204

1.      September/October: A Time for New Beginnings

As someone who attended school for many years in his life, September has always marked a new beginning for me.  I still feel like I did when I started a new school year in September. It is a time of new beginnings, with much eager anticipation for the upcoming year.

The September/October period marks an especially important time for us at Flow Research.  In the past year, we have published many studies, including: 

  1. Module C: The World Market for Custody Transfer of Petroleum Liquids (9/12)

  2. Core Study: The World Market for Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 4th Edition (10/12)

  3. Core Study: The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement (11/12)

  4. The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 4th Edition (1/13)

  5. Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 4th Edition (1/13)

  6. Module B: Ultrasonic Worldwide Market View (3/13)

  7. Module D: Oil Strategies, Industries, & Applications (5/13)

  8. Volume X Module A: Strategies, Industries, and Applications (6/13)

  9. Module A: Oil Producers Worldwide (9/13)


Dr. Jesse Yoder in Sydney, Australia

With these studies completed, we are looking forward to a whole new series of studies in Q4 2013 and in 2014. 

·        First up is The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 5th Edition, due out in October 2013 (http://www.flowmags.com).

Next up are two studies on switches:

We have also been asked to do a comprehensive study of the level market.  These studies are due out in Q1 – Q3 2014. We have divided this series of studies as follows:

Core Study: The World Market for New-Technology Level Devices (Q1 2014)

Module A: The World Market for Traditional and Emerging Technology Level Devices (Q2 2014)

Module B: Level Strategies, Industries, Applications, and End-User Perspectives (Q3 2014)

Module C: Worldwide Level Devices Market View (Q3 2014)

You can find complete information about these studies, including a proposal and an order form, at http://www.levelresearch.com.

One of the most exciting developments here at Flow Research is the invention of a new type of flowmeter [patent pending].  This flowmeter involves a new type of sensor design that is compatible with at least seven existing flowmeter types, including Coriolis and ultrasonic.  We are currently seeking partners, and are talking to companies about licensing this design.  For more information, see the next story, or go to www.newflowmeter.com.   If you are interested in finding out more about this new flowmeter design, contact Flow Research, or send me an email directly at jesse@flowresearch.com.  

Finally, I would like to thank you for your past business and support, and say that I hope you share my enthusiasm and excitement about the upcoming year!  We look forward to serving you in the next year and are always here to meet your market research needs.

--- Dr Jesse Yoder, President

2. Flow Research Invents New Type of Flowmeter  

September 2013

Flow Research has invented a new type of flowmeter that has the potential to have a major impact on the flowmeter world.  This device creates a new method of measurement without the use of external meters that uses an internal measuring methodology to reduce space, weight, and cost by confining the measuring to the interior of the pipe.  Flow Research’s flowmeter will increase the efficiency and accuracy of existing flowmeters.  This new method of measurement will work at least with Coriolis, ultrasonic, magnetic, thermal, vortex, differential pressure, and turbine meters.

The new flowmeter [patent pending] works with an existing inline flowmeter by making a measurement in a reduced area of the pipe.  Advantages of this method include enhanced accuracy, reduced pressure drop, less sensitivity to flow profile, and reduced cost.  This new type of meter will enhance the performance of an existing meter and provide increased accuracy and reliability at reduced cost.  Moreover it may be used to measure flow in large diameter pipes without external heavy flowmeters.

Background of this New Flowmeter

Flow Research has been researching and analyzing the flowmeter and instrumentation markets since 1998.  During this time we have visited over 100 flowmeter and end-user companies in many parts of the world.   We have seen many flowlabs, and talked to hundreds of people about the advantages and disadvantages of different flowmeter types.   We have also published more than 150 market studies that include analyses of every type of flowmeter.  This includes market size, market shares, company profiles, and product analyses.   Dr.  Jesse Yoder, company founder, has also authored more than 200 published articles on instrumentation topics in industry journals.  During this time, we have come to appreciate the need for more accuracy and reliability in the available flowmeters.

We believe that this newly invented flowmeter will fill a critical need in the flowmeter community.  On the one hand, it will not require end-users to become familiar with and invest in completely new technology.  On the other hand, it will enable suppliers to manufacture flowmeters with enhanced accuracy and reliability at reduced cost.  While this may not be the “perfect” flowmeter, it is a step in the direction of a better flowmeter.

Flow Research Seeking Partners

Flow Research is seeking partners who are interested in licensing this technology.  We believe that it has the potential to transform the flowmeter market.  If you or your company are interested in exploring this possibility, or would like to know more about this new type of flowmeter, please contact Flow Research.

For more information, contact Flow Research, or go to http://www.newflowmeter.com.

3. Oil study Module D: Strategies, Industries, and Applications Is Now Shipping

Module D: Strategies, Industries, and Applications is part of our set of studies on The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement, which includes the Core Study plus five modules, Modules A through E.  It complements the information in the other studies in the set, but it can also be used as a stand-alone study.

Module D provides industry and application data for the flowmeters included in The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement.  It also includes strategies for flowmeter suppliers who are selling into these markets.  The purpose of doing an individual module was to devote more attention to these important topics, and to include a separate discussion with data on growth in the individual process industries.  It provides a world view of the market and identifies future growth markets, recent political developments and how they may affect market forces in the near future, and discusses realistic strategies for success for those entering or planning to enter the oil flowmeter market as well as for those already in the oil flowmeter market.  It covers major companies and product lines.  Segmentation includes applications and industries worldwide and by region for 2011, with forecasts to 2016.  For specific information, visit http://www.oilflows.com/

Module D is part of our major series, The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement, which includes six parts in all.  Here are brief descriptions of the series and each of the other parts in the series:

The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement series is structured like our series on The World Market for Gas Flow Measurement, featuring a Core Study plus five modules:

  • Core Study: The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement – published November 2012

  • Module A: Oil Producers Worldwide – Sept. 2013

  • Module B: Oil Producers in the Mideast and Africa – Oct. 2013

  • Module C: The World Market for Custody Transfer of Petroleum Liquids – Sept. 2012

  • Module D: Strategies, Industries, & Applications – May 2013

  • Module E: The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters – March 2012

Together they provide a comprehensive picture of the oil flow market from multiple perspectives.  The in-depth research in the modules complements and builds on the detailed results of the Core Study.  However they are designed to also work as standalone reports.

The series can be purchased as a set, for best overall value and most complete picture of the market, or any of the studies can be purchased individually or in combinations.  Contact Flow Research for combination discount information.

Core Study: The World Market for Oil Flow Measurement determines the size of the oil flow measurement market in 2011 and forecasts the market through 2016 worldwide and by geographic region.  It provides market analysis, shows where growth is occurring (and where it is not), and where to expect the highest returns.  It covers all seven types of flowmeters used in this market, provides average selling prices, and provides company profiles and product information for the main suppliers into the oil flow measurement market.  For more information, visit http://www.oilflows.com/. 

Module A: Oil Producers Worldwide includes worldwide, regional, and country-by-country data on the oil markets and on flowmeters by type.  It includes data on oil production, reserves, imports, and exports by region and country.  It tells you which countries are producing the most oil and which ones have the greatest reserves.  A regional analysis of flowmeters by type shows which types of flowmeters are used for oil flow measurement and where. 

Module A contains data and information that is vital to anyone who sells flowmeters and instrumentation into the markets for oil and refined fuel measurement. Module A tells you by region and country how much crude oil is produced there, and how much each region and country has in the way of crude oil reserves. It also tracks the flow of crude oil and refined fuels across the world, with detailed data on imports and exports. Consumption data shows how much crude oil and refined fuels is produced by region and by country. This data also show where there is an “energy gap” that needs to be filled by imports.

At 800 pages, Module A is the longest of the six oil flow studies. It includes oil and refined petroleum product data in seven categories, and includes profiles of some of the major oil producers worldwide. However, we realize that not every region may be of equal interest to your company. For this reason, we have divided Module A into four separate submodules:

Module A: Book One - Oil Producers Worldwide – Executive Summary
Module A: Book Two - Oil Producers Worldwide – The Americas
Module A: Book Three - Oil Producers Worldwide – Europe and Mideast/Africa
Module A: Book Four - Oil Producers Worldwide – Asia

This way, if your company wishes to expand into or focus its sales efforts on a specific region, you can get the detailed analysis in the study that applies to just that region. Contact Flow Research directly about these options.

For additional information, please visit http://www.worldoilflow.com/.

Module B: Oil Producers in Mideast/Africa includes information derived from extensive research to better understand oil flow measurement trends in this region – including onsite interviews with 15 oil producers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia , Qatar , and Oman .  We asked companies what kinds of flowmeters they are using and what their expectations are for the future.  We look at oil imports, exports, consumption, and reserves by country, as well as profiles and products of major companies, and relationships between companies in the region.  The result provides a very clear picture of flowmeter usage in Mideast/Africa.  For more specific information, visit http://www.mideastoilflow.com/.

Module C: The World Market for Custody Transfer of Petroleum Liquids determines market size and market shares for all types of custody transfer flowmeters worldwide and by seven geographic regions in 2011 with forecasts through 2016.  It provides company profiles and product analysis for the main companies selling into the custody transfer flowmeter market, identifies market growth sectors, and gives market shares for the different flowmeter types used for custody transfer of petroleum liquids.  For more specific information, visit http://www.custodytransfer.com/.

Module D: Strategies, Industries, & Applications – described above.  For more specific information, visit http://www.oilflows.com/. 

Module E: The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters determines market size and market shares for multiphase flowmeters in 2011, with forecasts through 2016, worldwide and by seven geographic regions.  It includes segmentation by types and configurations, and also identifies the industries and applications where multiphase flowmeters are used.  It provides company profiles and product analysis for the main companies selling into this market, identifies market growth sectors, distribution channels and customer types, and discusses strategies for manufacturers selling into the multiphase market.  For more specific information, visit http://www.flowmultiphase.com/.

For more information on the entire Oil Flow Measurement series, visit http://www.oilflows.com/.

We published our similarly structured six part series on gas flow measurement in 2011.  For more information on the Gas Flow Measurement series, visit http://www.gasflows.com/.

To order studies, contact Flow Research by email at jesse@flowresearch.com, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.  In the United States , call toll free at (800) 245-1799.  Or use the Order Form on the web pages for the studies.  Quick links to all our studies can be found at http://www.flowstudies.com/.

4. Crude Oil Exceeds $110 per Barrel on Syrian Tensions

September 4, 2013 (Wakefield, MA) – The price of crude oil surged to just over $110 a barrel on Wednesday, August 28 as uncertainty about Syria and its chemical weapons program continued to impact oil prices. Tensions in the region have been building for the past several months, as a civil war has broken out between different rebel factions and President al-Assad’s government. Not all rebel factions are sympathetic to the West or to U.S. interests. In the meantime, the evidence is that thousands of people have already died in these internal battles.

The last time we published a Flash Report on oil prices, in February 2012, the news was that oil prices were approaching $110 per barrel, due to concerns about Iran ’s nuclear program. Since that time, U.S. and European sanctions have reduced Iran ’s oil exports by 50 percent: from 2.2 million barrels per day to 1.1 million barrels per day. The European Union passed a boycott that prohibits any member state from purchasing oil from Iran .  And the U.S. has imposed sanctions that cut off access to the U.S. financial system to any entity doing business with Iran ’s central bank.

For years we have been advising instrumentation suppliers to focus on the energy industry -- and started the "Energy Monitor" in 2005 to provide instrumentation suppliers and end-users with detailed information about this industry. Yes, renewables are important, and natural gas is a long-term bridge to renewables, but for now, $100 oil means companies will pay higher prices for highly accurate instrumentation to measure it.  It means even more of a boom for custody transfer applications, and should give a major boost to multiphase flowmeters as well.  New-technology flowmeters, especially ultrasonic and Coriolis, should benefit from this trend.

Note: The above is excerpted from a Flash Report issued as part of our Worldflow Monitoring Service. (http://www.worldflow.com) – subscription required. For more information, please contact Flow Research.

5. New Level Measurement Device Study in the Works

Flow Research is conducting four new market studies on the worldwide level measurement market.  A primary goal is to determine the size of the level measurement market in 2013, and to forecast market size through 2018.  The four studies are called:

Core Study: The World Market for New-Technology Level Devices

Module A: The World Market for Traditional and Emerging Technology Level Devices

Module B: Level Strategies, Industries, Applications, and End-User Perspectives

Module C: Worldwide Level Devices Market View.

The four studies identify the following global elements:

  • Market size and market shares for all types of level devices in 2013 by region

  • Market growth and forecasts for all types of level devices through 2018

  • Industries and applications where level measurement devices are used, and areas of new market growth

  • Product analyses for the main companies selling into the level measurement market

  • Strategies to manufacturers for selling into the level measurement market

  • Company profiles of the main suppliers of level measurement devices


For more information, go to http://www.levelresearch.com.

6. Great Plains Industries Acquires Trimec Industries

Acquisition supports expanding global opportunities  

Wichita, Kan. (September 16, 2013) – Great Plains Industries, Inc. (GPI) of Wichita, Kansas has acquired privately-held Trimec Industries headquartered in Sydney, Australia. The acquisition further diversifies the companies’ flowmeter product lines and strengthens their presence and opportunities in international markets.

GPI is a leading U.S. manufacturer of inline turbine meters for measuring flow of water and water-based chemicals, and is also a leading manufacturer of fuel and chemical transfer pumps. Trimec is a leading Australian manufacturer of oval gear, positive displacement meters with markets in Asia and Europe . “It’s your classic synergy story with two compatible organizations creating a lot more as one,” said Vic Lukic, president and CEO of GPI. “Trimec has strong distribution that complements GPI’s global distribution plan. And, we are very pleased to market Trimec’s high quality products alongside ours.”

"We found a great company, with great people, and great products in a great location that fits perfectly with the strategic growth plan for GPI,” said Susayn Brandes, CEO and president of Great Plains Ventures, GPI’s parent company. The acquisition is key to GPI’s strategic growth plan that calls for the addition of multiple metering technologies that offer an expanding range of flow measurement solutions. Plans call for both companies to maintain their current operations with no consolidation expected.

“We’ve worked with GPI for many years,” said Keith Daly, a Trimec director. “Given our similar cultures and product strategies, it makes perfect sense to grow together. GPI can now access our markets, and we now have access to theirs, markets previously difficult to penetrate.”

The joining of these two strong, engineering-based companies creates a product mix that will offer customers and channel partners an expanded line to meet a wider range of metering opportunities. It also expedites research and development opportunities for the two companies.

“With the support of GPI in essential resources and future funding security, Trimec Industries can further develop new metering technologies to meet evolving needs,” Daly said.

The acquisition fits GPI’s strategic growth plan for expediting the expansion of their international markets.

“GPI has sold product globally dating back to the early days, but Trimec propels us into the international arena in a meaningful, sustainable way. GPI is pleased to gain a new footprint in Australia that is so close to important markets in that part of the world,” Lukic said.

The Trimec acquisition is Lukic’s first since taking the helm at GPI late last year.

7. Upcoming New Edition of Magnetic Flowmeter Market Study

Flow Research has published previous editions of The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters in 2001, 2003, 2005, and 2009.  We have conducted user interviews that show that interest in magnetic flowmeters remains at a very high level.  Magnetic flowmeters are among the most widely-used types of flowmeters for measuring the flow of water and other liquids.  We believe that this is an optimal time to provide a new comprehensive view of this market.  The World Market for Magnetic Flowmeters, 5th Edition builds on and expands on our earlier editions.  We have updated and expanded our segmentation, based on extensive supplier input.

Study Objectives

This study will accomplish several important objectives:

  • To provide the 2012 market size in US dollars and unit volume for magnetic flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide 2012 market shares of the leading suppliers of magnetic flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide a forecast of the growth market for magnetic flowmeters in dollars and unit volumes through 2017

  • To provide segmented data both on a worldwide basis and for each of seven global regions

  • To provide a product analysis for all of the primary suppliers selling into the magnetic flowmeter market

  • To identify the industries and applications where magnetic flowmeters are used, and to identify market growth sectors

  • To provide market and product strategies for suppliers of magnetic flowmeters worldwide

  • To provide company profiles of the significant suppliers of magnetic flowmeters worldwide

Key Issues Addressed

This study proposes to address the key issues in the magnetic flowmeters market, including:

  • The growth outlook for magnetic flowmeters worldwide and by region

  • The demand for 2-wire, 4-wire, and wireless/battery meters

  • The displacement of AC magnetic meters with DC types

  • The competitive price pressure on magnetic flowmeters

  • The need for insertion magnetic flowmeters

  • The line sizes where magnetic flowmeters are most frequently used

  • The types of liners used in magnetic flowmeters and their proportions of the market

  • The adoption rates of communication protocols in smart magnetic flowmeters

  • Features that end-users are looking for in magnetic flowmeters

Study Segments

This study’s segmentation is the result of our own experience in previous research, combined with input from multiple companies who suggested important new categories.  We are grateful for the cooperation of all the firms who assisted in the final design of the study questionnaire.  Flow Research believes that this cooperative approach to research ultimately yields the best data.

  • Geographic Segmentation – Data by worldwide market and by seven geographic regions, including, in this new edition, China and Latin America as separate regions.

  • Mounting Type

  • Measurement Variable Type

  • Power Type

  • Configuration

  • Accuracy

  • Coil Power Type

  • Liner Material

  • Line Sizes

  • Sanitary/Hygienic Models

  • Magnetic Flowmeters by Type – Conventional and Smart

  • Communication Protocols in Smart Flowmeters

  • Industries

  • Applications – including, in this new edition, the water & wastewater industry quantified by water applications and wastewater applications.

For more information about this study, as well as information and articles focused on magnetic flowmeters, visit our website http://www.flowmags.com/

For more information on all the studies we have, visit http://www.flowstudies.com.  It lists our studies by category, and also provides direct links to the latest editions.


What do you think of FlowTimes?  We welcome your comments!  Please send any comments or suggestions to jesse@flowresearch.com.

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