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Dear Friend of Flow,

Flow Research is on the move!  I just got back from a trip to the International North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop in Tonsberg, Norway.  This was the 29th time this workshop was held.  The focus of the workshop, which alternates between Norway and Scotland is on multiphase and ultrasonic flowmeters.  These topics are very timely for us, as we are just completing our study on multiphase flowmeters.  We have also begun a new ultrasonic study, our Fourth Edition.  We will be publishing two separate studies: one on inline ultrasonic meters, and a separate study on clamp-on/insertion meters. 

Many of the leading multiphase companies attended and exhibited at this conference, including  Roxar, Cameron, MPM, Solarton ISA, Abbon, and Weatherford.  Ultrasonic companies in attendance included KROHNE, Endress+Hauser, Sick, GE Measurement, Siemens, Emerson Process Management, and Elster.  The conference consisted entirely of technical papers on given flowmeter topics, mainly relating to multiphase and ultrasonic flowmeters.  Over 300 delegates attended, representing 29 countries.

Norway is a hotbed for development of multiphase technology. The most likely reason for this is that Norway is rich in oil and gas resources, and is located next to the North Sea.  Many of the companies are located in Stavenger or Bergen, which are located on the western coast of Norway.  While companies from other regions, such as Agar Corporation, are also developing multiphase technology, the bulk of the development today appears to be centered in Norway .

In addition to the companies based in Norway , there is a network of research centers in the region there that provide intellectual and testing support for the multiphase and other flowmeter companies.  These include National Engineering Laboratories (NEL) and the Christian Michelson Institute.  These companies provide engineering and testing support for the companies developing multiphase flowmeters and other technical products relating to flow measurement.  For example, the Fluenta flare gas meter was developed by the Christian Michelson Institute.  Fluenta developed multiphase technology that was later acquired by Roxar.

During the remainder of the trip, I visited companies in Kongsberg, Norway, as well as in Germany and Switzerland.  One of the most rewarding parts of the experience was meeting people I had been talking to on the phone and by email but had never met.  Flow Research is well known in Europe, and is regarded as the premier supplier of market research on instrumentation by many European companies.  My hosts were very gracious, and I was able to meet with key product and marketing managers from a number of important companies in Europe -- and the food was excellent. It was both an exciting and rewarding trip.

This trip is the latest in a series of trips I have taken this year to broaden and increase my knowledge of the flowmeters and energy markets, and to meet people in the business.  Previous trips include GasTech 2011 in Amsterdam in March, the MCAA Industry Forum in May, the AGA Conference in Nashville in May, two weeks in Colorado centering around training in Coriolis and DP flowmeters, and four days in Minneapolis for vortex and magnetic flowmeter training.  While in Colorado , I was also able to visit CEESI, which is the leading flowmeter calibration facility in the United States.  This is the most traveling I have done a year since 2009, when I made multiple visits to the Mideast in connection with a project to interview oil and natural gas suppliers there.  I also made several trips to Europe in connection with this project, which later formed the basis for our series of six gas flow studies.

This is a very exciting time at Flow Research and we hope to hear from you!

Yours in flow,

Jesse Yoder, PhD

President, Flow Research, Inc.




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